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British actress Ophelia Lovibond, who stars in HBO comedy Minx, says the idea of working without intimacy coordinators on set these days is “unthinkable.” 

Lovibond, who plays Joyce in the tale of a feminist magazine being launched in 1970s Los Angeles and has to include naked men in the mix for funding by a porn publisher – told The Times an intimacy coordinator was on set at all times: “It’s unthinkable, really, that we didn’t always have them — like seatbelts.” 

Her view contrasts with that of Game of Thrones star Sean Bean who recently said he thought the presence of an intimacy coordinator took away the “spice” of sex scenes. 

Lovibond said, “I think they’re spicy enough. It is a strange experience to be whipping off your clothes in front of boom operators and script supervisors.”

As it transpires there are no sex scenes in Minx, which has been commissioned for a second season following its debut earlier this year.  Lovibond told The Times, “The whole point of the show is that it shows the female gaze.”

The actress will also be on screens in Sky Atlantic’s upcoming This England, Michael Winterbottom’s portrait of the UK during the first lockdown of 2020, in which she plays Carrie Johnson, the British prime minister’s partner, who contracted Covid herself, saw her partner hospitalised with the illness and had her first child in that chaotic period.

Of her transformation alongside Kenneth Branagh to play the distinctive, high-profile pair, Lovibond said, “The wigs and the padding help the audience locate that person. The wig is so important to Carrie, so immediately recognisable. She has so much hair.”


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