Who is Zach Shallcross? Must-knows about the next ‘Bachelor’


The “Bachelorette” didn’t work out the way contestant and Anaheim Hills resident Zach Shallcross planned, which is why he’s giving the process another chance as the next star of ABC’s the “Bachelor.”

During the Tuesday finale of its historic “Bachelorette” season that featured two leads instead of one, ABC confirmed that Shallcross will be the next (and only) eligible star looking for love when the “Bachelor” returns for its 27th season on Jan. 23, 2023.

Twitter met ABC’s announcement of the tech executive with divisive reactions, with some users questioning ABC’s “bland” choice and other users supporting Shallcross on his second go with the “Bachelor” franchise. Regardless, Shallcross will usher in a new chapter of the “Bachelor,” with previous experience to draw from.

“What I learned from that experience was that it didn’t change how ready I was,” he said on Tuesday. “I am now more ready — that’s almost fuel to the fire. I’m ready to find my person. My best friend.”

Shallcross is a former football player who graduated from the California Polytechnic State University with a degree in business administration in 2019. According to his Instagram page, he has two sisters and was born in July. For Zodiac-heads, that means Shallcross is a Leo.

Here’s what else we know about the incoming “Bachelor” star.

He left the ‘Bachelorette’ on his own terms

Shallcross bonded with bachelorette Rachel Recchia (who led the season, along with Gabby Windey) over their childhood memories. He was one of the season’s frontrunners, but his romance went south in more ways than one.

A week after Recchia visited her suitors’ hometowns, Shallcross was among the final men traveling to Mexico for the season’s final episodes. While there, he and Recchia spent their day tasting tequila, shopping and doing a tarot card reading. But things took a turn after Recchia invited her suitor for an overnight date.

Shallcross said that behind closed doors, he and Recchia discussed “religion, politics” and spoke about their commitment to each other ahead of a possible engagement. He added that Recchia kept questioning whether he’s ready for “marriage at this early of an age.”

“That was a surprise. It was like we were two strangers. I don’t know what it could be, but Rachel’s concern came outta nowhere,” he said. “I think it’s s—, to be honest, and she was putting on a front. That scares me.”

Just moments before Recchia handed out her final two roses, Shallcross pulled her aside.

“It’s kind of hard to wrap my head around it. I did really love you. I saw a future with you. But I need to go,” he said while leaving the Mexico resort.

With Shallcross on the road home, Recchia informed her remaining suitors of the situation and continued with her rose ceremony.

Shallcross wore his heart on his sleeve, and fans were there for it.

Shallcross did not seem to have a problem with outwardly expressing his emotions during his time on the “Bachelorette.”

Whether he was tearing up during a screening of their home videos at the El Capitan or encouraging Rachel to yell out her frustrations while in Europe, Shallcross was one in a handful contestants this season who was vocal about his emotions. Earlier this season, Shallcross also opened up to Recchia about going to therapy to process his emotions.

“Zach goes to therapy? Amazing!” tweeted one user.

“ZACH AND JASON BOTH ADVOCATING FOR THERAPY ????! We love to SEE IT!!!,” another Twitter user said.

As a result, members of “Bachelor Nation” called Shallcross “genuine and sweet,” and even came to his defense during his rocky moment with Recchia.

“Zach is just perfect,” one user said.

Being on television runs in the family

When Recchia trekked to Anaheim Hills for Shallcross’ hometown visit, some viewers might have heard a familiar voice.

Meeting Recchia were Shallcross’ parents, Chapman and Megan, and his uncle, actor Patrick Warburton. Yes, that Patrick Warburton — known for his work on “Seinfeld,” “The Emperor’s New Groove” and “Family Guy.”

Warburton’s scores of acting credits include “Bee Movie,” “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” and “The Venture Bros.”

His ‘Bachelorette’ debut came months after some crypto controversy

In August, The Times reported that the future “Bachelor” told his father and former city of Orange fire Captain Chapman Shallcross about the world of cryptocurrencies.

Impressed by the technology’s potential, the elder Shallcross put his crypto assets in the Celsius Network, a lender that promised to be safer than a bank. Celsius froze more than $4 billion in assets in June and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July.

As a result, Chapman Shallcross was among the 1.7 million people worldwide locked out of their crypto assets in Celsius. He has more than $400,000 locked up in the lender.

“I thought [Celsius] would be a solid place to put my cryptocurrency; and as it’s turning out, it’s not and it’s horrifying,” he previously told The Times.


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