Tiffany Haddish: I lost jobs after child sex abuse lawsuit

After an unnamed woman dropped her child sex abuse lawsuit against comedians Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears on Tuesday, Haddish said there’s been a weight lifted off her shoulders.

“I’m relieved,” the “Afterparty” star told TMZ on Wednesday.

Haddish spoke to TMZ’s photographer while trying to catch a flight at Los Angeles International Airport, a day after the website broke the news that the unidentified plaintiff — listed as Jane Doe — requested that the judge dismiss the suit “with prejudice.”

The comedian said that she was “really concerned about the kids, making sure they were OK” amid the legal drama.

Haddish was referring to the children at the center of the since-withdrawn lawsuit.

Earlier this month, the lawsuit alleged that Haddish and Spears assaulted a a brother and sister when they were 7 and 14, respectively. The complaint alleged that the comedians “groomed” and “molested” the plaintiffs, and that some of the incidents were recorded on video.

Haddish also told TMZ that she hasn’t been in contact with Spears since the lawsuit. The “MadTV” alum allegedly starred in the skit “Through a Pedophile’s Eyes,” where Spears was seen “lusting over” the 7-year-old boy, who was in his underwear.

“I don’t talk to him,” she said.

In another clip from TMZ, Haddish said that the lawsuit took a toll on her professional life.

“I lost everything,” she said. “All my gigs, gone. Everything, gone. I don’t have no job. I don’t have no job, bro.”

Days after the lawsuit was filed on Sept. 1, Haddish wrote in an Instagram post, “I deeply regret having agreed to act in” the skit detailed in the suit.

On Tuesday, Jane Doe reportedly said in a statement to TMZ that she and her family “now know that [Haddish] would never harm me or my brother or help anyone else do anything that could harm us.”

With the lawsuit out of the way, Haddish doesn’t seem worried about any other allegations, at least for now.

“I’m pretty sure ain’t nobody else going to be coming after me anytime soon,” she said. “And if there is somebody else, that s— fake.”

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