The Envelope has a fresh look and insightful awards coverage


Welcome to the all-new Envelope!

I hope you’re enjoying our revamped look: With the Oct. 13 magazine, we’re rolling out a fresh, intimate approach to portrait photography and a redesigned logo that’s as bold and energetic as we are.

What hasn’t changed is our mission. We remain your essential companion to awards season — your authoritative, up-close guide to the very best creators in entertainment. Why the redesign? We wanted our design to convey our approach. We don’t believe that awards season is all about red carpets and gold lamé. We believe it’s an extraordinary opportunity to look at the very best of culture right now, and to bring you the real story of how great work gets made.

The most original minds in entertainment trust us to push past the talking points. With the Los Angeles Times, they get deep, get real and get honest about the vibrant art they make and the (mostly) regular lives they lead. And why shouldn’t they? More often than not, they’re based here in L.A.; we’re their hometown paper, their virtual next-door neighbors. With us, they share their favorite fish taco spot and the loquats they pick from their backyards.

That’s why The Envelope’s coverage of awards season is so influential: It is as creative, curious and innovative as the talents who light up our screens (or swagger across concert stages). Our new look captures this spirit, with vivid photography and a logo that pays homage to one of the cinema landmarks of our city, and echoes the way we let readers peek behind the scenes.

Our fall season kicks off this week with our Grammy coverage, in print and online. It’s a look at the musicians whose work is most award-worthy this year. On the magazine cover: Compton-raised singer-songwriter Steve Lacy on his history-making song, “Bad Habit,” which simultaneously topped five different hip-hop/R&B and alternative rock charts.

And look for our deep dive next month and all season long into the films and artists who will grace the stages of the Oscars and SAG Awards.

Enjoy the issue, and our new look.


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