Some Super Bowl Commercials I Can’t Wait to See

A nineties sitcom star reprising his beloved role to sell you car insurance.

An ad that becomes a cultural phenomenon and gets immediately green-lighted as a TV show, extending a twelve-second scene into ten seasons.

All the celebrities from last year’s crypto ads apologizing for their crypto ads.

Those “whassup” guys but the bit is that now they’re old.

Everybody’s into whodunnits now, right? So some series of ads directed by Rian Johnson where if you figure out who did the murder you get a discount on a year of car insurance.

A commercial that all of the super-online conservative guys are going to be furious about for a week.

Timothée Chalamet in some capacity.

Somebody who was supposedly cancelled forever making his triumphant return to television to sell you beer.

An ad for the worst movie you’ll ever see that you’ll definitely watch when it’s streaming in three weeks.

An excruciatingly catchy new jingle that you’ll be singing to yourself for years.

A recycled Twitter joke from two months ago.

A musician whose whole thing is being counterculture who is counterculturally telling you to bank with Wells Fargo.

The “zoom zoom” kid but the bit is that now he’s an adult.

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