‘SNL’s Weekend Update Takes On Kanye West & ‘The Little Mermaid’ Controversies – Deadline

Colin Jost and Michael Che took on the latest headlines on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update tackling the controversies around Kanye West’s “White Lives Matter” shirt and The Little Mermaid.

West created quite a stir this week when he wore a shirt with the “White Lives Matter” slogan, a take on the Black Lives Matter movement that was created to raise awareness of police brutality. Che made light of the rapper’s appearance on the Tucker Carlson show on Fox News “to defend wearing a White Lives Matter shirt claiming he wore the shirt because he was using a gut instinct.”

“But what he’s definitely not using are the meds prescribed to him,” Che quipped with the joke that completely fell flat with the audience in the studio.

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Later on in the “Weekend Update” segment, Jost introduced “Black Ariel” from Disney’s new live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid.

Ego Nwodim appeared at the “Update” desk with the iconic purple bra and green fishtail asking Jost to simply call her Ariel and noting, “I don’t call you white Colin to your face.”

Jost proceeded to ask Nwodim’s Ariel how it felt like to be called a hero and a role model to young girls.

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“Role model to who? Black girls who want to be a fish?” Ariel said. “I gotta be honest Colin, it’s a lot of pressure. People are all like, ‘Oh Ariel, you’re perfect. You’re the hero we need.’ B***h, I am normal.”

Ariel joked that she didn’t ask for any of this adding, “My mom got drunk and had sex with a tuna and now I’m here.”

Ariel did the most to showcase her negative characteristics and go against all positive projection people have of her, calling herself dumb and saying she was “pro-Sea World.” The Little Mermaid star also said she was the culprit of the BP oil spill.

Watch the segment below.

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