‘SNL’s Weekend Update Tackles Sydney Sweeney Family Saga & Herschel Walker Controversies – Deadline


Colin Jost and Michael Che got right into poking fun at politics in Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment.

Jost and Che also joked about Russia, Hurricane Ian, President Biden, Ted Cruz, Ginni Thomas, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lizzo’s flute playing, and the CIA’s plans to launch a new podcast in the classic desk skit.

New cast member Michael Longfellow was front and center, making Weekend Update debut as the child of conservatives.

He was asked for his thoughts on the backlash that Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney faced for allegedly having Trump-supporting family members.

“Well, my family is from Arizona, so if you can get in trouble for what your parents think — uh, it’s been a good run,” he said.

Longfellow added that his “dad is anti-COVID vaccine” as “he doesn’t really believe in the virus” adding he thinks it’s “crazy because every anti-vax article he sends me gives my computer 10 of them.”

Jost and Che were also joined by James Austin Johnson and Kenan Thompson on the desk as Mitch McConnell and Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.

It was also Johnson’s first ever Weekend Update appearance.

Che pointed out some of the questionable statements the former football player has made such as “Our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air, so when China gets our good air, the bad air got to move.”

“I’ll slow down so you can understand,” Thompson’s Walker said. “We all know air, right? Air Bud, Air Jordan… Erin Brokevich. Science don’t understand. Everybody talking about climate, but what we really should be focusing on is putting Hawaii closer…. bring that climate over here.”

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Che then questioned Johnson’s McConnell about the qualifications Walker has to be running for a Senate seat, saying that he plays football and the state of “Georgia likes football.”

The jokes got increasingly more chaotic after Che asked Walker if he had any actual proposals with “BBQ Tuesdays” and another one to “create a department of Instagram booty” to battle the girls “faking their cake.”


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