‘Rutherford Falls’ Showrunner Sierra Teller Ornelas On Cancellation – Deadline


Following Peacock’s decision to cancel Rutherford Falls, co-creator, executive producer and showrunner Sierra Teller Ornelas reflected on the show’s two-season run on the NBCU streamer, its legacy and potential future.

Ornelas served as showrunner on Rutherford Falls, which she co-created/executive produces with Ed Helms and Mike Schur. The critically acclaimed series, starring Helms and Jana Schmieding as lifelong best friends Nathan Rutherford and Reagan Wells, respectively, set a benchmark for Native representation on-screen and behind the camera.

“it’s been an honor to introduce the best of Indian Country to the masses,” Ornelas’ said, adding that she and the other producers “will be exploring other platforms” for Rutherford Falls to continue. The series originated at Apple TV+ where it was in development. It landed at Peacock in turnaround.

Here is Ornelas’ full statement:

It’s been a true joy to make these two seasons of Rutherford Falls. Mike Schur, Ed Helms and I set out to make something new, real, and smart—but also dumb—that made you cry and think, but also laugh when Reagan got kicked in the face or Nathan was stuffed into a coffin. Borrowing a line from Terry Thomas, played by the ridiculously talented Michael Greyeyes, before our show, “Native representation [was], for the most part, a hate crime.” Which is why it’s been an honor to introduce the best of Indian Country to the masses.

We remain overwhelmed by the critical response, garnering a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score in our second season, and while we’re sad that our time at Peacock has come to an end we are immensely grateful to them for picking us up and showcasing the talents of comedy legend Ed Helms and breakout stars like Jana Schmieding, Jesse Leigh, Dana Wilson, Dallas Goldtooth, Kaniehtiio Horn, and many others. We love these characters, the world we created, and the impact it has had, and will be exploring other platforms where, hopefully, the folks of Rutherford Falls can call home.


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