Royal Authors All Pen Books On Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Conflict – Deadline

Anyone waking up in Britain and taking a newspaper back to bed this weekend could be forgiven for thinking the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are under the covers with them.

Such is the mass of coverage in the UK media as royal authors and commentators line up to release books that presumably were written months before Queen Elizabeth’s death earlier this month, but were held back for fear of offending the popular Queen during the final chapter of her reign.

At least three books from leading royal authors and correspondents have had extracts published in the weekend papers.

Vanity Fair‘s royal writer Katie Nicholls is publishing ‘The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown’ – in which she details, among other revelations detailed in the Daily Mail, the Queen’s “surprise” that Meghan Markle, a divorcee, chose to wear white at her wedding to Prince Harry.

Also in the Daily Mail is author Angela Levin with her book on ‘Camilla, from Outcast to Queen Consort’ published on September 29.

Possibly the most problematic publishing arrival for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is Valentine Low at The Times. Last year, he was the first to reveal the bullying allegations levelled against Meghan by members of her staff, and he has now written a book ‘Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown’ giving a comprehensive outline of events – including his revelations that staff who have since departed the Palace have since labelled themselves “the Sussex Survivors Club.”

There is other news occurring in the UK at the moment but, from a glance at this weekend’s front pages, you wouldn’t necessarily know it.



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