Lauren Boebert Claims Nineteenth Amendment Does Not Exist Because God Gave Moses Only Ten Amendments

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—As critics questioned whether she knew what the Nineteenth Amendment is, Rep. Lauren Boebert stated that “the Nineteenth Amendment doesn’t exist because God gave Moses only Ten Amendments.”

The Colorado lawmaker said that people who believe that there are nineteen amendments “need to turn off their NPR and pick up the good ol’ Bible.”

“God stood up on that mountain and said, ‘Here you go, Moses, my top Ten Amendments,’ ” she said. “Where are these bozos getting the idea that there are nineteen?”

Boebert said that God gave Moses only Ten Amendments “because more than that would be hard to chisel into the tablets and whatnot,” she said.

“If you had nineteen amendments, Moses would have had to carve ten on one tablet and eight on the other,” she said.

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