Ketanji Brown Jackson Bravely Infiltrates Shadowy Alt-Right Group

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Carrying out a mission fraught with danger, a woman named Ketanji Brown Jackson has bravely infiltrated a shadowy alt-right group with a menacing agenda.

Although there reportedly are two other like-minded moles already embedded in the organization, Jackson will find herself surrounded by extremists bent on destroying many of the tentpoles of American society.

The group, garbed in black robes, meets in secret behind closed doors in the nation’s capital, experts believe.

Having already plotted to destroy women’s bodily autonomy, the group is currently scheming to eliminate voting rights and marriage equality, as well as to hasten the spread of military-style assault weapons across the country.

Harland Dorrinson, a former Navy SEAL, hailed Jackson’s courage. “I was behind enemy lines in Afghanistan and Iraq, but I am in awe of what she’s trying to do here,” he said.

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