Joshua Yaffa on What’s Next for Ukraine



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Photograph by Metin Aktas / Anadolu Agency / Getty 

The contributor Joshua Yaffa, who was based in Moscow for years and has been reporting from Ukraine since the start of the war there, speaks to David Remnick from Kyiv. There, Yaffa says, the latest news from Russia—including threats of nuclear attack and reports of political upheaval—has been treated with near-indifference. “Ukraine has been in the fight for its survival since the end of February, fully aware that Russia is ready to throw any and all resources at the attempted subjugation of the Ukrainian state,” he says. “And after things like the massacre in Bucha and other areas outside of Kyiv, earlier this spring, there’s not much that can surprise or shock or scare the Ukrainian public about what Russia is ready to do.”


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