John Stamos To Write Memoir ‘If You Have Told Me’ Set For 2023 – Deadline

John Stamos, whose long Hollywood career included his role opposite Bob Saget on Full House, will recount it all in a new memoir to be published next fall. The book, titled If You Would Have Told Me, has been acquired by Henry Holt, a division of Macmillan Publishers.

If You Would Have Told Me is the book I never planned to write,” Stamos said in a statement, “but after losing Bob, finally becoming a father, and wanting to honor all the colorful people who have made me who I am today, I figured if not now, when? If You Would Have Told Me is my story about Hollywood, fame, fortune, and fuckups. It’s also about home, heart, and healing.”

The publisher describes the book as “the story not only of a life lived in front of the camera, but of the surreal highs and devastating lows of a misunderstood heartthrob who has always remained a dorky kid from Orange County, and of his midlife quest to find sobriety and a family of his own.”

Stamos will write about becoming an overnight teen idol with his breakout role on General Hospital during the heyday of soap opera television, through career highlights, including the groundbreaking drama ER, numerous Broadway productions, and touring the globe with America’s band the Beach Boys, as well as his iconic role of Uncle Jesse on Full House and the lifelong friendships with cast and crew that arose from that show.

Added Stamos, “Honestly, while writing this book I’ve realized I have about a million stories to tell, and I think you may like at least four hundred of them. It has been cathartic and healing and sometimes heartbreaking to dig in and reveal so much. This book is something between a confession and a challenge to find grace in the smallest moments of our lives. I hope my memoir offers a window into my heart and mind and helps readers find little moments of magic that make life worth living. Get everything you want and live happily ever after, but have the humility to trust in something greater than yourself for guidance.”

Executive Editor James Melia acquired the book from Esther Newberg and Kristyn Keene Benton at CAA. The publication is scheduled for Fall 2023.

Said Melia, “We have welcomed John into our living rooms and our hearts for nearly four decades. To meet John is to love him, and I’m so excited for him to introduce us to the man behind that winning smile and those legendary roles. If You Would Have Told Me is a wild ride through an unbelievable life, full of deft and humorous stories that will be an inspiration to many, and a long-awaited gift for his legions of fans.”

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