Jerry Seinfeld Blames ‘Narco’ Trumpeter For NY Mets Swoon – Deadline

Well, good luck with that. Consummate New York Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld is blaming Timmy Trumpet’s live performance of the song “Narco” at Citi Field last week for the Mets recent swoon.

The team had a 10.5 game lead in its division in June. As of tonight, they’re now just a half-game up on the defending champion and eternal Mets nemesis the Atlanta Braves. Max Scherzer is hurt, certain bats appear slow, and as every Mets fans knows in their bones, bad things can happen in September.

Seinfeld sent out several social media messages today responding to an SNY post about the Mets being tied with the Braves atop the NL East after Tuesday’s action.

“I blame that stupid Trumpet performance,” Seinfeld wrote. “Celebrating in season. We haven’t won anything yet. Bad mojo.”

“Narco” has become the theme song for shut-down closer Edwin Diaz. Timmy Trumpet was brought to Citi Field to do a live version of the song as Diaz entered.

Seinfeld, as well as many Mets fans, fears history is repeating itself.

“Same as when Baja Men showed up to play ‘Who Let Dogs Out’ in 2000 WS,” he wrote in a separate comment. “Series ended right there.”

That’s a reference to 2000, when the Mets used that song as a rallying cry. The Baja Men perfromed it ahead of World Series Game 4 at Shea Stadium. The Mets never won another game.

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