Jen Shah Claims To Be “Fighting For My Life” & Heather Gay Calls Herself a “Bad Mormon” – Deadline


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is back for Season 3 and Bravo has just released their taglines. Ahead of the second episode of the series airing, the network revealed each of the phrases the housewives say during the opening sequence of the show.

Heather Gay: “I may be a bad Mormon, but I’m always a good time.”

Jen Shah: “I’m fighting for my life, not your approval.”

Lisa Barlow: “I’ll always have your back if you stop stabbing me in mine.”

Meredith Marks: “When I take a shot, I always hit my mark.”

Whitney Rose: “I’m more of a free spirit, without the holy spirit.”

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One of the major storylines looming over RHOSLC Season 3 is Shah and her legal troubles. The reality TV personality was indicted for being involved in a fraud scheme, which she recently admitted she was guilty of committing.

The news has gotten shows like The View to talk about it as some of her co-stars have stuck by her. Whoopi Goldberg took a swipe at Marks when she said in an interview she was supporting Shah because this was the time she needed “support from people around her.”

“Well, maybe the old folks that she defrauded might also need some support around them as well,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg had a particularly hard time with Shah as most of the victims cited in the fraud case were older people.

“When it comes to older people, I am not as forgiving. I’m just not because that’s low-hanging fruit. I’m glad you realized you did something wrong and I commend you but I’m not going to be your friend for a while until I get over that,” Goldberg added.

RHOSLC airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo and is available the following day on Peacock.


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