Jamie Lee Curtis Says She’s “Wide Open” For A ‘Freaky Friday’ Sequel With Lindsay Lohan – Deadline


Jamie Lee Curtis is open to the possibility of reprising her 2003 Freaky Friday role opposite Lindsay Lohan in a sequel.

While visiting The View to promote her new movie Halloween Ends, Curtis was asked by Sarah Haines if she would participate in a follow-up to the film that earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy.

“I’ve already written to Disney — my friends at Disney, I’m in their new Haunted Mansion movie,” she said on the ABC talk show.

“I’m 64 years old today — not today, soon, in a month or whatever. My point is I’m wide open, creatively I am wide open,” she added.

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Curtis then pitched ideas on what her and Lohan’s characters could be doing in the possible sequel.

“Lindsay Lohan and me back in Freaky Friday. She just made a Christmas movie, I believe, and she got married. … It’s all good. Bring it! Let me be the grandma, let me be the old grandma who switches places, so then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma who’s still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon,” she continued.

“I would like to see Lindsay be the hot grandma, and I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I want to be a helicopter parent in today’s world.”

Freaky Friday is based on a 1972 novel by Mary Rodgers about a mother and a daughter whose bodies are switched following a magical Chinese fortune cookie. Curtis and Lohan were the mother-daughter duo and Harmon was Curtis’ fiancé in the film.

The 2003 film was the third film adaptation of the novel following a 1976 film that starred Barbara Harris and Jodie Foster and a 1995 television movie with Shelly Long and Gaby Hoffmann. Disney Channel would later adapt Freaky Friday into a musical movie in 2018 starring Cozi Zuehlsdorff and Heidi Blickenstaff.

The idea of making a Freaky Friday sequel 20 years later comes as Disney+ recently released a sequel to Hocus Pocus almost 30 years later.

Watch Jamie Lee Curtis talk about a possible Freaky Friday sequel below.


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