India’s Rising Star distributor, Ahimsa Entertainment, now operates in Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood

There is a wealth of vibrant stories, fascinating characters, and overall fun in Bollywood movies. One of the most important examples of Indian cinema’s excitement and awe is Ahimsa Entertainment. Led by Sudharsan Natesean and Vithurs Thiru, Ahimsa Entertainment has become one of the fastest-rising film distribution companies in India.

Ahimsa Entertainment is one of India’s most prominent film distribution companies, and soon to be a production company; bringing Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil cinema to a wider audience. Thanks to its unparalleled network in the United Kingdom, Europe, and overseas, this company’s catalog of films receives traction. As a global brand with distribution channels in the United States and Europe, Ahimsa has been able to scale quickly. 

It’s time to enjoy a new perspective with Ahimsa Entertainment. As it expands its operations to more countries and reaches audiences Indian films have never reached before, the company disrupts the global film industry. With the help of the largest production companies, film studios, and Indian actors, the company is currently developing a vast network of relationships.

The company has faced many obstacles over the years, despite its significant success. “One of the biggest challenges for film distribution is choosing the right movies to represent because ultimately cream rises to the top,” said an Ahimsa source. “Not every movie in our catalog is going to be a timeless hit, but building those evergreen relationships will eventually lead them to present us with bigger, more successful movies in the future,” he added.

Conflicts influence the development of Ahimsa, just as they do in cinema. Vithurs Thiru’s father’s death was the biggest loss he personally experienced. 

Throughout the event, he reaffirmed his beliefs, culture, and credibility, while solidifying his belief that one must build something useful and beneficial for others. “Ahimsa’s mantra is to have a grounded mindset and be resilient, which are 2 of the most powerful strengths in this industry,” a company spokesman said. 

Ahimsa Entertainment seeks to change the way distribution companies are recognized. As a result of a barrage of press articles, social media updates, and a genuine online presence, they’re on the right track.

By building meaningful relationships within the film industry and allowing millions of people to experience Indian cinema, they are well on their way to promoting further diversity within the industry as well as increasing exposure to Indian culture’s nuances. As a film distributor, Ahimsa Entertainment is fostering a better film industry one movie at a time.

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