How to watch BBC News live coverage of queen’s death in U.S.

As the news broke Thursday that Queen Elizabeth II had been placed under medical supervision and subsequently died at age 96, members of the royal family descended on the Windsors’ summer residence in Scotland. Given the gravity of the news — the first death of a British monarch since 1952, when Elizabeth’s father, George VI, died — U.K. outlets are already moving to provide every detail of the death, the response, and plans for the funeral and King Charles’ coronation.

For U.S. viewers, though, accessing TV news out of the U.K. isn’t always intuitive. Here’s our guide to how to watch the major British news organizations, even if you’re stateside.


Live streaming of BBC News coverage is available at the BBC website:

BBC World, an international service from BBC providing their coverage of global news, is available on several local cable systems and on DirecTV and DishTV.

The BBC YouTube channel provides the latest videos and selections from BBC News coverage.

Sky News

Live streaming of Sky News coverage is available at the Sky News website:

Sky News is also available via on Peacock TV and on YouTube.

The Sky News YouTube channel also provides videos and features from their coverage.

ITV News

Live streaming of ITV News is available on YouTube and via the ITV News website:

Channel 4

Channel 4 does not allow live streaming in the U.S., but offers videos and features from its coverage on its YouTube channel and website:

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