Harry Styles Fans Put On a Show


Sophie Lopez, 24, music business development, and Nicole Lindblom, 24, engineering student, Miami.

Tell me about your outfits.

S.L.: We decided we’re going to spend the night at Harry’s House, so what better way to do that than in pajamas?

N.L.: We knew this was the vibe instantaneously.

Nisha Rajamohan, 24, genetic toxicologist, Warwick, Rhode Island.

Did you really give up a prosthesis for these tickets?

No way. A real one is way more expensive than concert tickets.

Kaitlyn Mahan, 20, makeup artist, and Molly Cannon, 20, student, Philadelphia.

Are you following the “Don’t Worry Darling” drama?

K.M.: It’s crazy. The whole Florence Pugh thing! People are saying Harry and Olivia broke up, which I’m not sure about.

Will you see the movie?

K.M.: Probably not in theatres. I’ll wait until it’s on HBO Max or something. I think, for Harry, the acting is just something fun for him to do. I hope he sticks to music mainly.

Dejia Solomon, 18, college student, Long Island, New York.

I’m here with my friend. This is our last hangout before I’ll be gone for a few months, to college.

Why did you choose this show for your farewell hangout?

We saw Harry together in November, but we weren’t really friends. But after we saw the show—that’s what made us become so close. It was everything: coming together, enjoying the music.


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