Em Haine & Anja Savcic To Headline E!’ Rom-Com Movies – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: E! has set full casts and begun production on its first two original rom-com movies Why Can’t I Be Molly Ringwald? (working title) and Dating Wise (wt). Em Haine (Reginald The Vampire) is set to lead the cast of Why Can’t I Be Molly Ringwald? (working title), and Anja Savcic (Loudermilk) stars in Dating Wisdom (wt). The movies are part of E!’s recent push into original scripted romantic comedies intended to bolster its “pop culture-centric” lineup. 

Why Can’t I Be Molly Ringwald? centers on Eliza Sloane, played by Haine, who seemed to be living her dream life until her boyfriend broke her heart and she didn’t get an expected promotion, hence a move to the Hamptons for a new start. Cast also includes Aren Buchholz, Wern Lee, Cecelia Deacon, Markian Tarasiuk and Roraigh Falkner.

Dating Wisdom (wt) stars Savcic as aspiring writer Athena Carter, who has spent years working as a dating consultant with a less than successful dating history of her own. Cast also includes Shannon Chan-Kent, Riun Garner, Madison Smith, Sachin Sahel, Bethany Brown and Jay Hindle.

Full details of each movie, including loglines, character descriptions and production credits follow below:


Logline: Eliza Sloane has her dream life; a loving artist boyfriend and an all-but-guaranteed impending promotion. Things have never been better. After her boyfriend breaks her heart and she doesn’t get that promotion, Eliza’s life seems to be falling apart before her eyes. That is until her best-friend Sofia approaches her with a new brilliant path in life: move to the Hamptons and “marry a rich guy with a huge trust fund”. Eliza goes along with this plan, because how could it go wrong? 

Why Can’t I Be Molly Ringwald? is produced by Timeless Pictures in association with Basset Hound Distribution. Ben C. Silverman, Alexandre Coscas, Michael R. Goldstein, Aidan Heatley, Jared Goetz, and Christian Mercuri executive produce with Gilles La Plante producing. Rich Newey is directing, and Rob Lotterstein serves as screenwriter. 


Em Haine‘s Eliza Sloane wants to believe that love and romance in real life are just as they were portrayed in 1980s rom-coms in which the girl always gets the perfect boy. But after losing her job and her boyfriend on the same day, Eliza realizes she might need a new approach to dating. Haine can be seen in Syfy’s upcoming new series Reginald the Vampire which premieres on Oct 5.  She recurred on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and FX’s Fargo. Haine is represented by Jason Ainslie and Jaye Riske with Principals Talent Management.  

  • Aren Buchholz will play Ryan. A fry-guy cook at a local diner and big flirt, Ryan falls for an unexpected woman. Aren Buchholz is represented by Carrie Wheeler at Carrie Wheeler Entertainment and Adam Levine. 
  • Wern Lee will play Doug. The dorky Doug, a towel boy at the prestigious Z Hotel in the Hamptons, is a romantic at heart who is trying to find love. Wern Lee is represented by Performers Management and Elevate Entertainment.  
  • Cecilia Deacon will play Sofia Munoz. Sofia convinces her best friend Eliza (whose life has just exploded) that they should summer on the Hamptons and take jobs as waitresses while husband-hunting.  Cecilia Deacon is represented by Eva Georg and Roxanne Kinsman with Nuance Talent Management. 
  • Markian Tarasiuk will play Rich Hawthorne. An orthopedic surgeon in practice with his wealthy father, Rich has followed his family’s plan for his life ever since he was a child. Markian Tarasiuk is represented by Play Management. 
  • Roraigh Falkner will play John Fuller. John is a “major trustafundian” who is summering at the Hamptons and is the target of Sofia’s marital desires.  Roraigh Falkner is represented by Sara Parker (Principals Talent Management). 

DATING WISDOM (Working Title) 

Logline: Athena has had a horrible dating history. After a particularly rough break-up with her college boyfriend, Athena moves to LA to jump start her writing career.  Five years later, she is no closer to realizing her personal or professional goals.  She’s single and working for a dating company that teaches people how to date better, going on new dates every night of the week under the alias of Amy.  She’s become so comfortable being “Amy” that she no longer knows how to date as Athena.  When her college ex suddenly reemerges, romantic complications ensue as Athena has to figure out who she really is and what she really wants. 

Dating Wisdom is produced by Timeless Pictures in association with Basset Hound Distribution. Ben C. Silverman, Alexandre Coscas, Michael R. Goldstein, Aidan Heatley, Jared Goetz, and Christian Mercuri executive produce with Gilles La Plante producing. Lucie Guest is directing, and Janae Bakken serves as screenwriter.   


Anja Savcic will play Athena Carter. Athena is an aspiring writer named after the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena has spent years working as a dating consultant, helping clients overcome dating issues that are stopping them from realizing healthy relationships. On the job, she is confident and outgoing, while in real life she is consumed with self-doubts and is seemingly unable to make lasting connections.S avcic can currently be seen on Amazon Prime’s Loudermilk as well as Big Sky. Savcic is represented by Vickie Petronio-King (Play Management), Anne Woodward (Authentic Talent and Literary Management), and Jamie Pillet (A3 Artists Agency), Matt Gogal with A3 Artists Agency. 

  • Shannon Chan-Kent will play Shea. The always upbeat, delightfully mercurial influencer, Shea is Athena’s roommate. With an endless string of boyfriends, she’s determined to find the perfect guy for Athena. Chan-Kent is represented by RED Management and Vault Entertainment. 
  • Riun Garner will play Ben. Athena’s longtime, devoted best friend. Garner is represented by Jay Riske (Principals Talent). 
  • Madison Smith will play Jason. Athena’s college boyfriend who broke her heart. Smith is represented by Vickie Petronio-King (Play Management) and Dan Moresco (Griffin Talent).  
  • Brad Harder will play Matthew. Another one of Athena’s dating clients. Harder is represented by Leyla Carreira (Lucas Talent). 
  • Sachin Sahel will play David. A well-to-do businessman who charms Athena. Sachel is represented by RED Management.  
  • Bethany Brown will play Valerie. Valerie is a co-worker of Athena who works as a dating consultant at night so she is free to go on auditions during the day.  
  • Jay Hindle will play John. One of Athena’s dating clients. Hindle is represented by Trisko Talent Management Inc.  

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