Dan Harmon Says, “There Is An Outline For It” – Deadline


Dan Harmon gave his most concrete answers to date when asked by Newsweek about the long-aborning movie.

“I will now say it’s a matter of ‘when.’ I have been so careful about [saying] that,” Harmon told Newsweek. “It would have been accurate three years ago to say ‘it’s a matter of when, not if.’ The wheels have been in motion for that long.”

Harmon once called the constant guessing about a feature treatment of the show that ended in 2015 “a weird Ouija board thing” that was dependent on many factors.

“The fan that Instagrams every day about Community, how can you tell them, ‘Yes, it’s definitely going to happen, but it may be between one and eight years from now’ — which is how the industry works, especially when you factor in pandemics and whatnot.

“How about this for a concrete thing?” Harmon offered, “There is an outline for it. There’s a product put together and pitched out in the world. I guess that’s how real it is.”

It’s clearly what fans want, and also what castmembers Joel McHale, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Jim Rash, Yvette Nicole Brown and Ken Jeong want.

“Who is supposed to say, ‘everyone do this’?” Harmon asked in 2019. “That’s what I’ve always said. I don’t know how it starts.”

“I think it starts with you, Dan,” Brie told him at the time.

And now, according to Harmon, it has.


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