Colman Domingo’s Edith Productions Board Chuck Schultz’s Documentary – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Colman and Raúl Domingo have signed on as executive producers, under their Edith productions banner, on Chuck Schultz’s When My Sleeping Dragon Woke. The documentary film, featuring veteran actor Sharon Washington (Joker, The Kitchen), takes us on Sharon’s journey as she writes her award winning first play “Feeding the Dragon” about her childhood growing up in the St. Agnes Library in New York City.

Sharon Washington shares her story of growing up with her parents, Connie and George Washington, and the intimate moments that strengthened her as she grew from the little girl in the library to the young woman embracing new opportunities and breaking down barriers. The film is directed and produced by Chuck Schultz, producer of the Heartland Festival 1993’s Best Documentary Winner A Day at a Time.

Edith Productions is committed to producing, creating, and amplifying important and entertaining story from diverse voices. In addition to When My Sleeping Dragon Woke, they executive produced the acclaimed shorts New Moon and North Star which both recently qualified for Academy Awards consideration after a week-long run in Los Angeles.

New Moon is an animated short is written by Colman Domingo and producing partner Raúl Domingo. Raúl co-directed with Jérémie Balais and Jeff Leffig. “New Moon” tells the story of a little boy who is shown how to dream by his hardworking single mom. It is based on Domingo’s play “A Boy and His Soul.” It won Best Animated Short at French Riviera Festival, Fire Island Film Festival, as well as Audience Award for Animated Short at Indy Shorts Film Festival and for Animated Short at Fantasia Film Festival in addition to many other accolades. It will next be seen at SCAD Savannah Film festival (October 22nd – October 29th).

North Star is written and directed by P.J Palmer and produced Ryan Haffey and Emily Palmer, executive produced by Colman Domingo, Caroline Metz, Heather Morris, Corey Reynolds and Lindsey Moreno. “North Star” tells the story of a rural rancher (Domingo) and his ailing husband (Malcom Gets) struggling against poverty and isolation, who has to make a heartbreaking decision in order to preserve the life they have built together. The film itself has won Best LGBTQ+ at Hollyshorts Film Festival, Best Narrative Short at Bronze Lens Film Festival, Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Short at Indy Shorts International Film Festival in addition to many other accolades for P.J. Palmer and Colman Domingo. It will next be seen at the Newport Film festival (October 13th – 20th).

When My Sleeping Dragon Woke will screen on October 12th and October 13th at the 31st Heartland International Film Festival.

Domingo is represented by Gersh, Liebman Entertainment and Schreck, Rose Dapello, Adams, Berlin & Dunham


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