Charles Made King In Historic Ceremony, Televised First Time – Deadline


In what was his first official event, the new British monarch was formally proclaimed King Charles III in a ceremony that was televised for the first time in history.

At 10am BST, the Accession Council met in the Picture Gallery at St James’s Palace, before moving into the Throne Room where the new King attended, to make his official declaration.

His Queen Consort Camilla, and his son William, now Prince of Wales were also in attendance. The King made his declaration to fulfil all responsibilities as King of Great Britain and Northern England, as well as accommodating the separate laws in Scotland.

Charles made his speech from a lectern, before sitting at a desk to sign the documents that officially declared him to be King. The Prince of Wales and Queen Consort then signed the documents as witnesses.

Flags lowered to half-mast in tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth would be almost immediately raised again, in honour of the new King.

Taking part in the ceremony was the UK’s brand new prime minister, Liz Truss, who met the late Queen on Tuesday, in what turned out to be the monarch’s final public duty before her death on Thursday.



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