Hip hop’s new spark is Contagiou$

Contagiou$ revealed details about his creative process and life as a singer/performer.

Is there anything that inspired you to start making music?

I listened to my mom’s music all the time. There would be funky disco music, but I always loved the vocalists. I love the sounds of the great artists that have paved the way for modern era music, which always continues to inspire me.

Describe your creative process when you write new music?

It changes as I evolve as a man. Sometimes a melody and pitch will just come out quick and the song makes itself in a couple hours. Other times it’s a grind to really get the sound I’m looking for. You always notice that artists close their eyes when singing, I think the reason for that is they are trying to tap into the emotion and personality of the track. My mood and emotion plays a large role in the entire creative process when cutting a track.

Do you ever get stage fright ?

I feel calm before most shows. I will drink tea and focus my thoughts to remind myself of how grateful I am to be in a position to provide my art with eager listeners. Plus if you believe in god, you can tap into a higher power who helps you overcome anxiety. You will see me before each performance having a silent prayer, to ensure a good performance.

Before aspiring to become an artist, what advice would you give yourself?

Being fearless on the road is the only way to live. Keep track of deadlines and goals. Make sure you do whatever it takes to get there.  Don’t give up, and no matter how many times you fall, keep trying!

What gets your juices flowing when you think about music?

I’m addicted to the entire process, from writing melodies to performing, then watching how they affect fans and listeners. It is such a gift and blessings at the same time, which I am determined to reach as many listeners as possible.

Can you let us know when your latest release will be available?

I currently have a project I’m finishing up.. I am eyeing a 2023 1st quarter drop! Putting my heart and soul into my music will be appreciated by my fans.

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